SAVING DEPOSITS: - saving money habits will Improve the quality of life and will help you feel batter and sleep better. One will be happier knowing he/she has some money aside for unexpected expenses and look forward to achieve some of their Dreams, “Bachhat Vision Nidhi” Introduce Uniquely designed “saving account” to inbuild the habits of saving among people. Etc,

  • There can be only one Nominee for a Deposit account whether hold single or jointly.
  • A person legally empowered to operate a Minor's account can file a nomination on behalf of the Minor.
  • Applicants can make Nomination by filling up prescribed form
  • The Nomination details can be changed during the subsistence of the account relationship by filling up prescribed form

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Minimum amount of deposits for open a saving Deposit account is Rs. 500. The money can be withdrawn by using withdrawal slip in the concerned branches. Saving account is of continuing nature. There is no maximum period.

Period Rate of Interest
Period 5%
  • • A minimum amount of Rs. 500/- has to be kept on saving account.
  • • Minimum 10 shares.
  • • No loan facility is provided against saving account.
  • • Enable the depositor to earn high rate of Interest @ 5.00% p.a
  • • based on monthly minimum balance.
  • ** As per demand.


Little drops of water make a mighty ocean - This deposit scheme suits the needs of everyone viz. businessmen, professionals, wage earners, teachers, salaried personnel, traders, housewives etc. You can save money with the us regularly depending on your convenience. And you need not visit the branch for doing so. Our authorised collection Agents collects your savings at your doorsteps daily.
Period Rate of Interest
0 - 100 days 2%
100 - 180 days 3.5%
180 - above 5%
  • • A minimum amount of Rs. 1000/- has to be kept on saving account.
  • • Minimum 20 Shares.
  • • Minimum period 6 months.
  • • No maximum period
  • • No penalty even if depositor is unable to pay instalments regularly.
  • • No tax will be deducted for the interest on the deposit.